Vaping – Electronic Cigarettes – is now believed to cause seizures. Seizures cause loss of consciousness which can be fatal. August 9, 2019

Doctors in Kansas City, Missouri now say they have evidence to support their long-held belief that vaping (using E-Cigarettes or Electronic Cigarettes) causes seizures. It is well known that seizures, which come on while driving an automobile, can kill the seizure victim, and certainly family and friends who are passengers of the victim are a grave risk.

Of great concern, though, is the reality that seizures can cause brain damage. Some seizures which E-cigarette users may experience may be so minor that the victim does not even realize they are having seizures.

There is enough evidence to support a genuine public concern for the youth of this country, a group addicted to nicotine delivered in vaporous form. While in my day cigarettes caused the addiction and the damage, today the vaporous form of nicotine delivery is addictive and is clearly harmful to heath in a variety of ways.

Researchers in Kansas City report that the latest research demonstrates that vaping nicotine damages the natural ability of the cells to clear out mucus. More concerning are the severe effects seen in emergency rooms throughout the country, like profound lung damage and seizures in young people, effects not seen in those who smoke cigarettes.

Talk to your children about the risks of vaping, which are only now being seen by medical researchers. Manufacturers of JUUL and others who promote vaping will be the last to inform or warn your children about the impact of vamping products.

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