You hire a lawyer and put all of your trust in him or her to represent you with competence, loyalty and the promise of confidentiality. These are the bedrock principles attorneys are required to uphold by the Code of Professional Responsibility, laid down in rules mandated by the Kentucky Supreme Court.

Now you have just learned that your case has gone badly. Perhaps you’re an inventor and the product you have invented was not properly protected by the patent lawyer you hired to file your patent. All of your hard work is taken from you by your competitors. NOW you need a lawyer skilled in legal malpractice to pick up the pieces and put your life’s work back together by holding your former lawyer accountable for his negligence in representing you.

Sometimes the legal representation arises when the lawyer you hired to sue someone or your hired to defend you in a suit filed against you. Now, because of your lawyer’s negligence and failure to exercise the care and skill you deserved in your case you are left with a profound feeling of loss and injustice. The system has failed you. You have suffered serious financial losses and emotional distress as a result of your lawyer’s legal malpractice. When this happens you need to consult with a lawyer skilled and experienced in handling legal malpractice cases.

Mr. McMurry is the only lawyer in Kentucky who is Board Certified as a Legal Malpractice “specialist,” by the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys. While Kentucky does not certify specialists in any field of practice, William F. McMurry has the credentials allowing him to be identified as a “specialist” under the rules of the Kentucky Bar Association in the field of legal malpractice. Reach out, today! We can help.