Legal Malpractice Hold Your Lawyer Accountable

Choose a board certified legal malpractice specialist to fight for you

You put all your trust in the lawyer you hired to serve you with competence, loyalty and confidentiality. But they didn’t take the proper steps to represent you, and your case went badly. We will help you pick up the pieces. As a board certified legal malpractice specialist certified by the ABPLA, William F. McMurry can hold your former lawyer accountable for their negligence in representing you.

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Here are just a few scenarios that may require a legal malpractice specialist:

  • A product you invented was not properly protected by the patent lawyer you hired. All of your hard work was taken by your competitors.
  • The lawyer you hired to sue someone filed against you.
  • You suffered serious financial losses and emotional distress as a result of your lawyer’s legal malpractice.
  • Your lawyer failed to file necessary legal documents for your case.
  • Your lawyer did not obtain consent from you before proceeding with legal actions.


Mr. McMurry is the only lawyer in Kentucky who is board certified as a legal malpractice specialist by the APBLA. While Kentucky does not certify specialists in any field of practice, William F. McMurry has the credentials allowing him to be identified as a “specialist” under the rules of the Kentucky Bar Association in the field of legal malpractice.

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