Medical Malpractice


Medical Tourism, Americans Heading Over the Border Wall

While the surgeon or medical specialist may join you for “medical tourism” in Cancun and repair your aging body, what you cannot know is the infection rate at the medical facility where the procedure will be performed. Even if the surgeon is the best in the World, he cannot protect you from a facility with a high infection rate. Hospital-born infections such as MRSA can kill or leave the patient less than whole if they recover from the infection. In the US you have the right to ask for the infection rate of both the doctor and the surgical center when making this important medical decision.

Vaping – Electronic Cigarettes – is now believed to cause seizures. Seizures cause loss of consciousness which can be fatal. August 9, 2019

Doctors in Kansas City, Missouri now say they have evidence to support their long-held belief that vaping (using E-Cigarettes or Electronic Cigarettes) causes seizures. It is well known that seizures, which come on while driving an automobile, can kill the seizure victim, and certainly family and friends who are passengers of the victim are a grave risk.

ABPLA Can Now Certify Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Great news for medical malpractice attorneys. Spearheaded by William F. McMurry, the ABPLA is proud to announce that it is fully accredited by the Florida Bar to certify attorneys in the area of Medical Malpractice. The ABPLA is the only organization whose Diplomats may hold themselves out as a specialist in the areas of Medical or Legal Malpractice in the state of…