Legal Malpractice Thoughts for 2020

                                    LEGAL MALPRACTICE THOUGHTS FOR 2020 Frequency of claims paid in the range of $1 million to $5 million Since 2011, the number of claims against lawyers which resolved by the accused lawyer’s paying the aggrieved client in the range of between $1 million and $5 million has increased by 940%.  The American Bar Association…


High-Speed Police Car Chases Wreck Cars and Lives

In 2008 I represented the family of three brothers who were tragically killed in a high speed police chase returning home from a Christmas pageant. The wreck resulted in four young boys losing their lives. While the Louisville Metro PD (LMPD) had recently established a stricter policy regarding the protocol used in high speed police…


Whiskey: from Angels Share to Whiskey Fungus

It is difficult to imagine that your favorite whiskey is the culprit of a black fungus that coats the homes, cars, stop signs, even trees of neighborhoods from Kentucky to the Virgin Islands to Scotland. Whiskey fungus – Baudoinia compniacensis, is gaining attention again, not just in the neighborhoods it has engulfed, but in the…


Vaping – Electronic Cigarettes – is now believed to cause seizures. Seizures cause loss of consciousness which can be fatal. August 9, 2019

Doctors in Kansas City, Missouri now say they have evidence to support their long-held belief that vaping (using E-Cigarettes or Electronic Cigarettes) causes seizures. It is well known that seizures, which come on while driving an automobile, can kill the seizure victim, and certainly family and friends who are passengers of the victim are a…


“Forces of opposition, bow down;” reads ad by Remmington gun manufacturers – Aug 1, 2019

This ad slogan was the basis for Connecticut Supreme Court’s holding in March 2019 that Remmington violated the laws against unfair trade practices for knowingly marketing the AR-15 to civilians for use in military-style combat. While we wait for Congress to take action to protect our children and families, skilled medical malpractice lawyers like Mr….


Will the Law Change to Allow Active Duty Military to Sue their Military Doctors? – Veterans can, so why not active duty? July 31, 2019

This law, called the Feres Doctrine, is wrong-headed and needs to be repealed by Congress. Read this article: https://www.brproud.com/news/prisoners-can-sue-doctors-for-malpractice-active-duty-military-cannot/


Louisville Metro Police Department changes policy on high-speed police car chases – A terrible idea

No longer will the police have to justify high-speed police chases with the reasonable belief that the driver is suspected to have committed a “violent crime.”  Today, the mere fact that a car is reported as stolen will justify a high-speed chase down Louisville city streets, putting countless other motorists and pedestrians at great risk…



“No vaccination, no service:  Some SC pediatricians turning away kids for parents” decisions” https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/2019/05/07/some-sc-pediatricians-refuse-service-if-children-dont-get-vaccine-anti-vaxxer-parents/1128830001/ This article recently published in the Greenville online news caught my attention, given the implications such decisions could have to both doctor and the child’s parents. In this article a two-month old baby was taken by his parents to the pediatrician…


“Non-survivors fail to recognize, uplift, and center survivors of sexual abuse”; Child sexual abuse Survivors; Survivors Space

I am very proud of my daughter, Sophia McMurry, who recently published a very accurate statement on the disenfranchisement of Survivors and how this injustice may be remedied. Having represented hundreds of abuse and assault victims, I know that her observations are accurate and deserve our compasionate attention. View this article by clicking on this…


Louisville archdiocese sued over ‘erotic’ photos

Parents of a young boy who claim their son was inappropriately photographed by a Roman Catholic priest, now a convicted sex offender, are suing the Archdiocese of Louisville for negligence. Louisville attorneys William F. McMurry and Mikell Grafton and Paducah, Ky., attorney W. Fletcher McMurry Schrock represent the parents. Read: Louisville archdiocese sued over ‘erotic’ photos

William F. McMurry represents a child inappropriately photographed by Father Stephen Pohl at St. Margaret Mary parish and he is seeking witnesses who may have knowledge of similar instances where Father Pohl took inappropriate photos of other children. He is also seeking witnesses who have complained of Father Pohl’s conduct to St. Margaret Mary school teachers, principals, employees or employees or officials of the Archdiocese of Louisville.
William F. McMurry