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William F. McMurry Attorney at Law

Louisville Medical Malpractice Attourney William F. McMurry is the only Kentucky lawyer Board Certified as a medical malpractice and legal malpractice trial specialist by the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys (ABPLA).William F. McMurry is also civil trial Board certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) and has been practicing law in Kentucky for 35 years. William F. McMurry is also Martindale & Hubble peer review rated for ethical standards and legal ability. This level of specialization can increase jury awards as well as out-of-court settlements. William F. McMurry welcomes the opportunity to work for you.

While Kentucky does not certify specialists in any field of practice, William F. McMurry has the credentials allowing him to be identified as a “specialist” under the rules of the Kentucky Bar Association in the fields of medical malpractice and legal malpractice. Mr. McMurry also concentrates his practice in catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death litigation, and insurance bad faith lawsuits.

Giving Back to the Community

McMurry On Top of Kentucky’s Whiskey Fungus Problem

November 16, 2014, The Courier Journal

Appeals Court revives whiskey fungus lawsuit

November 14, 2014

McMurry makes great progress in whiskey fungus class action lawsuit

November 3, 2014

See how attorney, William McMurry, is helping the residents of Louisville, Kentucky, attack the growing problem of whiskey fungus.


Paducah native battles injustice ‘one case at a time’

The Paducah Sun, October 19, 2014

William McMurry battles injustice, The Paducah Sun

ABPLA Can Now Certify Medical Malpractice Attorneys

September 23, 2014

Great news for medical malpractice attorneys. Spearheaded by William F. McMurry, the ABPLA is proud to announce that it is fully accredited by the Florida Bar to certify attorneys in the area of Medical Malpractice. The ABPLA is the only organization whose Diplomats may hold themselves out as a specialist in the areas of Medical or Legal Malpractice in the state of Florida.


McMurry Honored For His Four Years Service As President Of ABPLA

May 2, 2014 –  35th Annual Meeting of the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys

William F. McMurry was honored for his four years of service as President of the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys at the ABPLA’s Annual Meeting.  McMurry served as President of the ABPLA for two, 2 year terms.  McMurry’s achievements include obtaining “reaccreditation” of the ABPLA by the American Bar Association (ABA) in both Medical Malpractice and Legal Malpractice specialties.  Reaccreditation by the ABA is required every 5 years and involves an extensive evaluation of the Boards’ ethical standards, Under McMurry’s service as President he achieved “accreditation” of the ABPLA by the Florida Bar, Board of Legal Specialization in the field of Legal Malpractice.

As a Past President of the ABPLA, McMurry will serve as a “life time” member of the ABPLA Board of Governors.


McMurry Presents At ABPLA  On Topic Of Legal Malpractice

May 1, 2014 –  35th Annual Meeting of the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys – Continuing Legal Education Program

William F. McMurry presented on the topic of Legal Malpractice:  The Case within the Case.  McMurry spoke of the legal requirements inherent within all legal malpractice cases which include the requirement to prove that the underlying matter would more likely have been successful.

McMurry Presents At ABPLA  On Topic Of Legal Ethics

May 3, 2014 –  35th Annual Meeting of the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys – Continuing Legal Education Program

William F. McMurry co-presented on the topic of Legal Ethics:  Ethical dilemmas of multiple client representation.  McMurry spoke of the ethical pitfalls when undertaking to represent more than one plaintiff or defendant in a legal matter; multiple representation agreements, and how to identify potential conflicts of interest so that the attorney can properly give notice to clients whose interest may become adverse.


McMurry Named The Florida Bar President’s Pro Bono Out-of-State Service Award for 2014

Klan Ordered to Pay $2.5 Million in Civil Trial


Woman is awarded $125,000 for HIV disclosure


Recent News 


Legal malpractice award still unpaid after 18 years


An article released this week from the Courier-Journal covers a case where Gary Wade Puckett won a legal malpractice lawsuit against Louisville attorney David Kaplan, but 18 years later has yet to collect a dime. “He is a prime example of what happens when you sue a lawyer with no insurance,” Heavrin said. This case, and many like it, show why it is important to find an attorney that is insured and has a great history.

Read The Full Article On The Courier Journal

Lawyer’s lack of insurance costs Okolona woman



William McMurry is quoted again this week, in a news article from the Courier-Journal, regarding attorney liability.

“William McMurry, Kentucky’s only lawyer certified to handle legal malpractice cases by the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys, said some lawyers intentionally don’t purchase liability coverage, knowing they won’t be worth suing if they make a mistake. “They can duck into bankruptcy court and protect virtually everything, making it impossible to bring justice,” he said.”

Read the full article on the Courier-Journal

McMurry’s Whiskey Fungus Case Covered In Time Magazine

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 8.42.32 AM

Momentum continues to grow for McMurry’s Whiskey Fungus Case in Kentucky. Time Magazine has written an article highlighting the class action case geared towards the local distilleries and the Whiskey Fungus they emit.

In 2007, researchers published a study about Baudoinia, a newly identified type of fungus, which needs water and alcohol to grow. The first stems from humidity in the air, while the second comes from the ethanol that evaporates as the bourbon matures in its oak barrels, making the area around whiskey-aging warehouses a prime breeding ground.” 


In Kentucky, whiskey fungus fuels lawsuits


More news this week concerning William F. McMurry’s Whiskey Fungus case, this time from the world news site Global Post.

“If they’re not a good neighbor, they need to be made responsible, personally accountable like the rest of us businesses,” McMurry said.

Read full article on Global Post

Scottish townspeople take on drinks giant over black whisky fungus blighting their homes

London magazine, The Independent, covers McMurry’s Whiskey Fungus case.

“William McMurry, an American lawyer based in Kentucky, who is leading a class action against three bourbon producers in his home state, is now considering adding Beith’s homeowners to his list of potential litigants. He alleges that property values in American communities affected by Baudoinia have fallen by up to 30 per cent.”


Read full article on The Independent

Yahoo! News Covers McMurry’s Whiskey Fungus Case


William F. McMurry’s Whiskey Fungus Case has been getting a lot of press lately, even with Yahoo! News. Check out the article and video here: Yahoo! News : Kentucky residents sue distilleries over ‘whiskey fungus’

Suzuki Motorcycle Brake Recall Lawsuit


What problem is the defect causing?

The defect in the front brake master cylinder may cause a “spongy” feel to the brake and cause a loss of your ability to stop your motorcycle. Suzuki describes the problems in its recall notice as:

“After a long-term service life of the motorcycle without changing the brake fluid, the brake fluid can deteriorate and absorb moisture. The brake piston inside the front brake master cylinder of some motorcycles may not have uniform surface treatment. This combination of conditions can lead to corrosion of the brake piston. Corrosion of the brake piston generates gas, which may not be adequately purged from the master cylinder due to the side position location of the reservoir port. Gas remaining in the master cylinder can affect braking power by reducing proper fluid pressure transmission to the front brake. Over time, as gas continues to slowly accumulate above the reservoir port, the front brake lever may develop a “spongy” feel and stopping distances may be extended, increasing the risk of a crash.”

What Suzuki motorcycles are affected?

In November of 2013, Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. issued a recall notice for a defect in the front brake master cylinder. This recall affects the following years and models of Suzuki motorcycles:
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McMurry Obtains $326,260.41 in Automobile Crash Verdict

Deckard vs Allstate Insurance Co. and Nationwide Ins Co.

Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky


Past Medical Expenses: $30,200.25
Past Lost Wages: $11,060.16
Future Medical Expenses: $40,000.00
Impairment of the power to labor and earn into the future: $125,000.00
Mental and Physical Pain and Suffering from accident date to trial: $80,000.00
Mental and Physical Pain and Suffering into the future: $40,000.00

TOTAL: $326,260.41

Read More

Family sues over alleged sexual abuse by adopted sons


USA Today covers one of McMurry’s current cases in which a Kentucky woman is seeking damages from the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services. Beverly Hilger on behalf of her daughter Ashley, now 17, and seeks damages from two Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services workers who handled the adoption and their former supervisor.

The lawsuit alleges two of the plaintiffs — social-service workers Desiree Rhodes and William Hardin, based in Jefferson County — failed to abide by legal requirements that they disclose pertinent information to parents so they can make an informed decision about adopting a child.

Read More at USA Today

Community reflects on McMurry’s courageous legal work

usatoday_smUSA Today looks back on the historic case in which William F. McMurry, lead attorney in the 2003 sexual-abuse case with the Archdiocese of Louisville, won a $25.7 million dollar settlement. 

Read the full article and watch the video interview here 

Choosing a personal injury attorneyIn this short video, William F. McMurry offers critical questions you should ask when making one of life’s most important decisions.

Choosing a personal injury attorney louisville kentucky  Choosing a
personal injury attorney

William Mcmurry in the Huffington Post

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